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History of Enterprise Kozlova A.Yu., SPD

Name of auditor firm: Private auditor Kozlova Anastasia Yurevna, SPD

Identification code: 2800408505

Start date of auditor activity: The subject of business activity - the natural person Kozlova Anastasia Yurevna (the certificate of the state registration granted by Pecherska regional public administration in the city of Kiev about what entry in the magazine of the registration cases No. 2 070 017 0000 000664 is made on November 20, 2001) began auditor activity in June, 2004.

The certificate of the auditor a series A No. 5575 of category "A" issued according to the decision No. 130 of December 25, 2003 according to the decision No. 286/2 of December 19, 2013 is prolonged till December 25, 2018.

The certificate on inclusion in the register of auditor firms and auditors No. 3413 issued by Auditor Chamber of Ukraine according to the decision No. 136 of June 24, 2004, the validity of the certificate is extended according to the decision No. 293/3 from April 24, 2014 to April 24, 2019.


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